Exploring the innumerable possibilities of materials and technologies.

It is interesting that iron which is originally soft solid becomes steel which is harder than iron when carbon comes into the iron.
Long ago, Japanese swords had been made through many forging processes, and a momentary quenching was important key factor for superb Japanese swords.
This is exactly mysterious world where Japanese masters swordsmith had reached.
Technological advancement has been making the progress of industry and expanding quality improvement and capability of materials applications.
Nagato is working on new technologies and development of materials in the new era.
Based on the skills we have cultivated through heat treating, we meet the diverse needs quickly, flexibly and creatively with preserving resources and environment.

What is NAGATO’s heat treatment? - A procedure to complete a part -

Simply put, heat treatment is the process of adding heat then cooling down to change the metallographic structure of a metal thus creating hardness, toughness and fatigue strength in the product, that’s right, a swordsmith ‘hardens’ a sword, that’s heat treatment.

Where forging/casting and machining are about the shape and dimensional changes of a product, the feature of heat treatment is to make quality changes.

Our role at NAGATO is to give each part and product ‘added value’ and ‘characteristics through the appropriate heat treatment method based on our customers’ requests and improve its value.
On top of that, all processes can be provided and suggested at NAGATO from the heat treatment all the way to machining work, so this is why we are called ‘A department store for heat treatment’.