Heat treatment for products

Process category outline Processing method Applicable equipment at NAGATO
Heat treatment for products It’s a heat treatment applied mainly to products that have been formed in the product shape after completion of cutting, forging and casting.
It is used for a treatment to toughen parts and harden the surface of parts.
Non-oxidation hardening, Non-oxidation tempering Various atmosphere furnace
Batch type gas carbonization furnace
Gas carburizing, Carbonitriding quenching
Non-oxidation normalizing Non-oxidation normalizing furnace
Vacuum Carburizing quenching Vacuum Furnace
Gas nitrocarburizing Batch type gas nitrocarburizing furnace

Induction hardening

-Stationary type induction hardening
-Vertical movement type induction hardening / Horizontal movement induction hardening
-Full automatic induction hardening system
-Single shot induction hardening
-Submerged quenching
-Non-oxidation quenching

Also machines for all kinds of hardening

Stationary type induction hardening machine
Vertical movement type induction hardening machine
Horizontal movement type induction hardening machine
Full automatic induction hardening machine
Single shot induction hardening machine
Submerged induction hardening machine
Oil submerged induction hardening machine

Flame hardening Dedicated equipment
ADI Batch type ADI furnace
Marquenching Batch type ADI furnace
Combined heat treatment
(a treatment to combine two methods or more)
Carburizing + Induction hardening  
Carburizing + Marquenching Batch type ADI furnace

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